Life5 June 2013

What gives the human mind its edge?

In The Human Spark: The science of human development, psychologist Jerome Kagan examines what it is to be human – and draws controversial conclusions

Life29 May 2013

The trouble with neuroscience

With neuroscience developing so fast, two books demonstrate the perils of putting too much or too little faith in brain scanners capturing human nature

Life29 May 2013

Acid trips down memory lane

Books about and by Albert Hofmann, the chemist who discovered LSD, show just how deeply the drug has penetrated our culture

Earth22 May 2013

How nature writing can make us care

Tales of the natural world in three new books enthral and entertain. But is hard-won knowledge more compelling than the confessions of a nature lover?

20 May 2013

The festival year starts here

It's nearly summertime in the northern half of the world – time to find out what the festivals are laying on to entice the rational reveller