How does a dog smell the future, or a turtle surf the magnetic ocean? Let five beasts with super senses show you the world through their eyes







penguins hunting for food

Lobster krill fight off big penguins with their tiny pincers

Penguin-mounted cameras show that 7-centimetre-long crustaceans can so...
Early Earth may not have been as inhospitable as we thought

Life may have begun on Earth 100 million years earlier than we thought

A new timeline of early evolution suggests life on Earth began 100 mil...
The orca has been seen carrying the dead infant since July

Orca who carried her dead infant is not alone – many animals grieve

A female orca has been seen carrying the body of her dead calf for 17 ...
Silhouette of a person lifting up their cat

Gluten-free dogs? Pets deserve better than this evidence-free fad

Animal owners are increasingly falling for potentially risky fad pet d...

Preserved ocean creatures make landfall in London

Dissected and preserved sea life specimens give visitors a thrilling...
A human egg cell

We have measured the speed of death and it’s 2 millimetres an hour

Biologists have watched death spread across a living cell for the firs...


Old North Sea oil rigs in the Cromarty Firth awaiting decommission coudl also be havens for corals

Corals on old North Sea oil rigs could help natural reefs recover

Not only are deep-sea coral ecosystems thriving on oil and gas rigs in...
Old rock

Asteroid strike may have forged the oldest rocks ever found on Earth

The oldest rocks ever found are over four billion years old and we don...

The Meg: Real Megalodon shark would eat Jason Statham for breakfast

Jason Statham’s new film The Meg looks gloriously silly and...
Man holding "we are the climate solution" sign

Don’t give up, we can survive even a Hothouse Earth

Bad news on the climate should lead neither to despair nor unfounded o...