Careers 1 June 2011

Germany's Ivy League

What is a university of the calibre of Oxford or Harvard worth? Germany reckons a cool €1.9 billion, but what has this money achieved?

Careers 5 November 2008

A fresh start in the Alps

Aside from great chocolate, alpine views and world-class transportation system, what else can Switzerland offer scientists, asks Katherine McAlpine

Careers 22 October 2008

Graduate Special: Fancy a flying start?

After three years of studying in the UK, perhaps you're eager to test pastures a little further afield? Jason Palmer grabs his passport to discover what Europe has to offer young scientists...

Careers 25 October 2006

Australian biotech: Views from the inside

Despite recent growing pains, Australian biotech is showing signs of maturity and still provides a wealth of job opportunities. Melissa Trudinger talks to three ambassadors for the sector

Careers 4 October 2006

The lure of the Celtic Tiger

There is a mood of optimism and great things to come in Irish science. Anthony King discovers why the country is attracting researchers from all over the world