Regulars 7 October 1995

Letters – corrections

Corrections: Incorrect units appeared in a Technology story "Tough bones are sound as a bell" on 26 August. The audible range is between 100 and 1000 hertz, not megahertz as stated. Also, in "Death and the devil's water" (Focus, 16 September), all references to the amounts of arsenic in the water were incorrectly given as …

Regulars 23 September 1995

Letters – correction

Correction: an incorrect Internet address appeared in Netropolitan on 9 September. Technosphere should be: .

Regulars 9 September 1995


Correction: What a difference a full stop can make … One was mistakenly edited out of Barry Fox's article about video games (Technology, 19 August), thus conflating RISC technology and parallel processing. They are, of course, quite different, as the full stop would have made clear.

Regulars 2 September 1995


Correction: The "decorticator" described in Technology, 19 August, was developed at Silsoe Research Institute, not Silsoe College as stated.

Regulars 29 July 1995


Correction: Research featured in the item "Prof Snooty and his pals pick up the pounds" (This Week, 8 July) was commissioned by the Management School of Imperial College, London, not by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council as stated in the article. Also, in "Complex heart of a simple proton" (1 July) it was …

Regulars 22 July 1995


Correction: The Jay Pasachoff jinx continues. Pasachoff's coauthor Myles Standish was mistakenly omitted from their joint letter published on 24 June.

Regulars 1 July 1995


Correction: Meg Weston Smith (née Milne) writes to inform us that her father, E. A. Milne, was called Arthur, not Edward ("The thought that counts", 6 May).

Regulars 11 March 1995


Correction: The article "Sperm aim for the sweet smell of success" (New Scientist, Science, 21 January) cited a paper in Molecular Medicine, vol 1, p 12. This should have been p 130, putting it in the second, not the first issue of the journal. Also, as pointed out by Jack Barrett of Kingston upon Thames, …

Regulars 18 February 1995


Correction: The reviewer of The Egg and Sperm Race was Anuschka de Rohan. Apologies for misspelling her name.

Regulars 9 May 1992

Letters Correction

Correction: The biographical information in 'Animal experiments: who should decide?' (11 April) should have stated that Judith Hampson is no longer a member of the Animal Procedures Committee, but was a member during the passage of the 1986 act. She is now a consultant in animal welfare and environmental issues.