Features 29 March 2006

Life begins at N = 40

Young, troubled and charismatic is Hollywood's recipe for mathematical genius. Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy couldn't disagree more – and now he has the proof

Opinion 27 September 2003

The numbers game

Why are there so few women mathematicians? Ragni Piene, a Norwegian who recently became the first woman to join the executive of the International Mathematical Union, says the problem is sociological. Girls, she tells Stephen Battersby,

News 7 June 2003

Will Abel prize for maths rival the Nobels?

ON TUESDAY afternoon at the University of Oslo, King Harald V of Norway presented the very first Abel Prize in Mathematics to Jean-Pierre Serre of the Collège de France in Paris. The Abel Prize is intended to finally fill the gap left by Alfred Nobel, who chose to ignore maths when he established the Nobel …

Features 1 June 2002

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Martin Dunwoody does. He has proposed a solution for a centuries-old mathematical puzzle, and if he's right he'll get a cheque for a million dollars. And there's plenty more where that came from, says Ian Stewart