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Protein mania: The problem with the West’s latest diet obsession

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Charred roof debris in front of the cathedral's altar

Macron’s pledge to rebuild Notre Dame in five years may be possible

Memorial to Alfie Evans

We must all work to avoid disputes over the care of very ill children

Watching coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing seemed to have a lasting effect

Viewing media coverage of traumatic events may fuel long-term distress


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Pig brains have been partly revived after death - what does this mean?


How to understand the risk of a bacon sandwich giving you bowel cancer

How to understand the risk of a bacon sandwich giving you bowel cancer


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Ian McEwan

Why Ian McEwan doesn’t see his latest novel as being science fiction

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Measles has made a shocking return to the US. Can it be stopped?

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Did the ancestor of all humans evolve in Europe not Africa?

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Men who have children later in life may prime their kids for longevity


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Millions of child asthma cases linked to traffic pollution every year

One of LIGO's gravitational wave detectors

LIGO has spotted another gravitational wave just after turning back on

Swabbing for microbes in space

NASA says the International Space Station is covered in bacteria

HPV immunisation

Scotland's HPV vaccine linked to 'near elimination' of cervical cancer